Agile & Scrum : applicable or hype ? (1 day)

Target Audience

Are you also one of these co-workers, outside of the IT-department, who has heard about Agile and Scrum but does not really know what buzzwords like sprint, review, backlog and product owner mean ?  Then this is the workshop for you. In this workshop, we will demystify the Agile-'hype' and make you understand what makes it is so popular.


The course will give you a comprehensive overview so you can evaluate your own projects and (personal) organization on the applicability of Agile & Scrum principles and methods. Even more, you will be able to experience the principles of product owner, backlog, story points, product review and sprint retrospective personally through the XP-Game !

Originally Agile/Scrum is a reaction against the classic 'waterfall'-method that by its staged approach is considered too cumbersome and too slow in case of projects that have too much uncertainties and/or too swift changing circumstances (unclear specifications, progressive insight during the project life cycle, importance to innovate and stay ahead of competitors).

AGILE is a cover name for a wide range of methods aiming at the most efficient way of producing things, particularly in the context of IT.  SCRUM is just one of them, alongside LEAN, KANBAN, XP, DSDM, etc. This workshop offers plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with the other participants.


This workshop takes one day of 6 hours of training

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to

  • Compare the classic 'waterfall'-method with Agile/Scrum and weigh pro's and con's against eachother
  • Apply the key concepts of Agile & Scrum to their own project environment
  • Evaluate the applicability of the iterative approach in the context of their own project