Time management for project managers (1-day)

Target Audience

This workshop is an add-on to the "Project management" workshop. 


  • Set and maintain priorities
  • Use deadlines pro-actively instead of undergoing them
  • Define S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals
  • Recognize time wasters and address them more consciously
  • Handle stress better by creating a peace of mind
  • Forget less and do more thanks to effective To-Do-lists (e.g. scrum board)
  • Schedule work more realistically, including the daily 'unforeseen' things
  • Better fulfil responsibilities thanks to better follow-up
  • Be more assertive and say 'no' in a constructive manner (without the word "no")
  • Make more purposeful use of modern information and communication technology


This workshop takes one day of 6 hours of training.

Part 1: Pro-activity

- Pro-activity = take and keep the initiative

- The concept of 'Flow' and the power of progress reporting

- Managing deadlines: smaller steps, swifter progress

- Address procrastination - do it now !

- Collaboration: be assertive, not aggressive (strive for win-win)

Part 2: attention management

- The reflecting brain cannot multitask - why do we keep trying ?

- Empty your mind = write it down: ok, but where and how is the best ?

- Handling distractions and interruptions (pomodoro, mind dump, 4x4 decision model)

- Application (1): a To-Do-list that does work ! (e.g. scrum board)

- Application (2): the 'visually correct' calendar (demonstration in Outlook)